JuriDocs is a repository of legal data containing the codes and laws, official publications, decisions and opinions by the high courts of African states and continental organizations as well as the treaties, agreements, acts, regulations, directives and protocols by African continental organizations. The legal data that constitutes “JuriDocs” is the result of thorough and accurate research undertaken by the African Law Resources LLC teams. This data has consequently been subjected to verification of source and authenticated. Thereafter the data is organized, processed, published, and distributed via digital media through the www.juriafrique.com website in both English and French.This work has been made available to the interested public via paid access to the legal information pertaining to African States and continental/regional organizations. All these documents are available through subscription on JuriStore.


  • Official Publications: JuriDocs disseminates official bulletins, journals, gazettes and/or other official publications by African states or continental/regional organizations. These documents are made available via paid online access according to our terms of subscription.
  • Codes & Laws: These are compilations of the legislative and regulatory laws enacted and/or repealed/abrogated by African states and classified based on the themes relevant to the local context of each state and continental organization.
  • Case Law: These include the decisions and opinions rendered by the High Courts of African states (Supreme Courts, Courts of Cassation, Councils of State, High Courts, Constitutional Courts, Common Courts of Justice and Arbitration, Regional Courts…). These are made available online and also published thematically as Case Law book volumes.

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