African Law Experts Portal


1. Who can be listed on “African Law Experts”?

African Law Experts” is the directory for African lawyers and African Law Experts practicing African Law anywhere in the world. It is an indexing service that lists the profiles of legal professionals and law firms that are established in Africa or that have a business relationship with Africa. This service aims to present to consumers (government, investors, public and private international organizations) the legal services of African professionals, namely: Lawyers, independent legal and tax advisors, intellectual property agents, notaries, bailiffs and details of their firms that are based in Africa and outside Africa. Our portal is also accessible to non-African lawyers and legal firms, but with a practice focused on Africa. It exposes African lawyers to the international competitiveness of professional legal services.

2. Benefits of a Subscription to the “African Law Experts” Portal

  1. Establish and optimize the visibility of the subscriber to policy makers and political and administrative authorities on the continent, namely: Directors, foreign legal advisers and law firms (assisting and advising companies investing and working in Africa), interested private and public international institutions and organizations working in Africa through the publication, distribution and promotion of their, profile, skills, achievements and other experiences of the relevant entities.
  2. The portal provides an effective platform to publish, disseminate and promote publications of the subscriber in the various sections of our JuriAfrica Magazine, namely: legislative news, regulatory briefs, judicial findings and legal analysis.
  3. Receive JuriAfrica’s newsletters, including newsletters from JuriAfrica Magazine, on accurate up-to-date African legal news, including our regulatory briefs, judicial findings and legal analysis.
  4. The JuriAfrica Magazine is available on a quarterly basis primarily in digital format. Hard copy magazines may be made available from time to time.
  5. Access to current case law summaries, abstracts and principle.
  6. The display of the subscriber’s law firm logo including a hyperlink to the subscriber’s site.
  7. Option to publish, disseminate and promote periodic news updates, such as, but not limited to, conference presentations, pertinent events, or specifics in respect of the subscriber’s practice of law.

3. How to subscribe

Access to the “African Law Experts” service is contingent upon the payment of an annual subscription fee and the following options are available:

  • Individual options: this provides the subscriber the ability to publish an unlimited number of articles in JuriAfrica Magazine during the validity of the subscription at a monthly rate of USD 500.
  • Firm subscription: this provides the firm (limited to 6 partners or staff members) the ability to publish an unlimited number of articles in JuriAfrica Magazine during the validity of the subscription at a monthly rate of USD 1.500.

Once payment is received, and the necessary subscriber’s information is submitted, a subscriber profile is created and listed online within one week of receipt of the required information.


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